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Indoor Interior Cedar Venetians Blinds by Seaforth

Indoor Interior Cedar Venetian Blinds by Seaforth

Since 1950 we have been making indoor interior cedar venetian blinds which can be seen all around the nation in homes, offices and Government building. Our Western Red Cedar is harvested under strict guidelines imported from British Columbia.

The timber is premium select number two export clear quarter sawn to take advantage of edge grain so the best stability is achieved. The tone of the timber is a warm looking furnishing with a soft tone with a smooth non static surface which in turn makes cleaning kept to a minimum. The cedar slat is lightweight and durable with a long life.

Seaforth Venetians repairs and refurbish it’s blinds and shutters and has done so for 69 years with the one family for three generations it is for this reason we have clearly researched our finish’s and understand what is required to guarantee customers will be satisfied with our skill in making cedar venetians. Our Heritage cedar blinds are widely used in the oldest Government buildings throughout Sydney and New South Wales Court Houses.

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