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Blind Shop Spec Outside Blinds

For Cedar Venetians by Seaforth Venetians 
Factory 02 6379 7243 Sydney 0439 193 928

Blade Size: 70mm 4.5mm

Rail: 70mm x 18

Manual Blind Head size: w90 x 75h MM's

Electric Blind Head size:  w65 x 65h MM's 

Stack Pulled up: 10% + head Hight


Colours Recommended: Feast Watson, Cabot's, Siskins, oils or stains to retain light weight, paints are heavier and traditionally roller coated.  

Stabilizers: Stainless Steal cables standard are 150mm in from end routs but can be customized for different applications.

Maximum Width: 2700mm 1 blind

For larger width sizes we can put 2 on one head when electrically operated. Remote or hard wired.

Price guide for External Cedar Venetians

Samples supplied on request.

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